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Laundry Luna
Why people love Laundry Luna?

Meet Laundry Luna, New York’s best laundry and dry cleaning service. An innovative team of garment cleaning fairies!

We know exactly what you have to go through, every time your pile of laundry crosses an “oh crap!” or “damn i have a date tonight” limit. Keeping laundry supplies, stack of coins and of course having to deal with sharing washer and dryer with someone else... We’ve been there, and we share your frustrations of poorly folded or full of creases laundry where you feel like you have to press/steam every item or re-wash it all over again.

Board a Laundry Luna ship and let’s turn your laundry disaster day into a “got this done” kind.

How is this possible?


Schedule a pickup for as soon as the next hour. Choose a convenient morning or evening time slots, with same day drop off options, 6 days a week, including sunday.

Pickup & Clean

Our concierge driver will stop by on the scheduled time, pickup and label all of your goodies. It will be sorted, weighted, checked for delicates, all dry cleaning clothing itemized. Cleaned, Washed, Dried and Beautifully folded.


After all quality checks are done, you will receive a notification when our driver is on the way and another when delivery is done.

Frequently Asked Questions
Am i allowed to use my own laundry bag?
Absolutely! You are allowed to provide laundry inside your own laundry bag. But! With a few exceptions:
  • Your bag need to have a shoulder stap, if it’s over 15 lbs weight. Those stairs are brutal for the backs of our drivers.
  • It must be fully sealed, drawstring is usually how it’s done.
  • Avoid using bulky carry own luggages, we will count the total weight of the whole thing when put on a scale and not just the laundry inside it.
  • Avoid using broken bags, your precious garment is more valuable than a laundry bag, we can always provide you with one, if needed
  • You can sometimes use a kitchen trash bag in the absense of options, please use a clean one.
Do you have a same day laundry delivery service?
Yes. Last minut order pickups and same day delivery for Wash & Fold orders is our specialty. Please do keep in mind that Hang Dry items take 24 hours to dry up. So it may be returned wet, if requested.
Dry Cleaning orders take 48 - 72 hours, to make sure those hard stains get treated properly and items are pressed to perfection.
Do you separate colors, lights, darks?
We do! We will wash your colors in cold water to avoid colors bleeding and your whites in warm water. We avoid using hot water since even white items like towels and sheets also loose it’s whiteness because of ink bleeding overtime.
Do you have Wash & Press service (launder shirts)?
Our Wash & Press service comes part of Dry Cleaning order. It will take 2 business days to complete and deliver back to you.
Do i get a text message when driver is on his way?
Yes, we notify our customers when driver is the way to pickup or to drop off and when delivery was completed. You will also be able to see a picture proof of delivery if it was done at the doorman or in the contactless delivery, if instructed.

Laundry Luna Pricing

Prices that won’t make you sweat, transparent and easy to digest.

Regular Laundry $1.75 per lb
Hang Dry Per Item $2.00
Bleach $3.00
Minimum Order $49.00
Laundry Bag $5.00
Pickup and Delivery FREE
Same Day Laundry $9.00
Overnight Service $9.00
Shirt/Blouse/Sweater/Vest $10.00
Pants/Jeans/Skirt/Shorts $10.00
Dress $20.00
2pc Suit $22.00
Suit Jacket / Blaser $11.00