Blog Post | 05/23/2023

10 Surprising Things You Can Take to the Dry Cleaners

10 Surprising Things You Can Take to the Dry Cleaners

Most people associate the dry cleaners with expensive clothing, such as suits and delicate silk shirts. However, there are so many things that you can take to the dry cleaners aside from dry clean only clothing. The following are 10 surprising common everyday items that you can take to the dry cleaners to get cleaned.


Rugs are something that people often forget to regularly clean. Not cleaning your rug on a regular basis, especially if it is in a high traffic area, it’s going to result in lots of trapped dirt and debris. Over time, your rug will likely look dirty and dull. Dry cleaners can clean up your rug and have it looking sparkling clean and fresh.


Comforters are another everyday item that can often be cleaned at a dry cleaners. Comforters or something people often try to wash at home, before realizing that the comforter is simply too big for an everyday washing machine. However, just like washing your sheets, it’s important to have your comforter cleaned regularly in order to keep it both visibly clean and hygienic. It should be noted that comforters made with certain materials, such as wool or sherpa, may need to be taken to a specialty dry cleaner.


Some tablecloths might be able to be thrown into an everyday washer and dryer, but most tablecloths are made with a more delicate material that needs to be handled with care. This is where taking your tablecloth to the dry cleaner comes in. You can even have the dry cleaner press your tablecloth after it has been washed, so that it will look perfectly wrinkle-free when you put it back on your table.


Have you ever thought about cleaning your purse? Just like any other item that you use everyday, your purse can pick up dirt, oil and other debris over time. If your purse is made from a material such as suede or leather, then you can absolutely take it to a dry cleaner. Just make sure that your purse is completely empty of any items before you take it to the dry cleaner. You don’t want to find out that you accidentally put your wallet through the dry cleaning process!


Most towels will technically fit in a standard home washer and dryer, but many people don’t know how to properly wash towels and washcloths, which can lead to them becoming damaged. In fact, one of the most common mistakes people make is simply throwing washcloths and towels in on a regular wash and dry cycle. This can cause the towel material to fray and even lose its absorbency. Taking towels, washcloths and similar items to the dry cleaner can ensure they are properly cleaned and stay in great condition.

Fur Items

Most fur items should be dry cleaned because they have a special lining which needs to be carefully cleaned, rather than thrown into a washing machine and a dryer afterward. Authentic furs will have a layer of skin, which is considered very delicate. You should be particularly careful with vintage furs, as they can become brittle overtim. If the fur item you need cleaned is older, make sure that you let the dry cleaner know, so they can take the proper precautions.

Stained Items

You can get some stains out at home, but what happens if the stain simply won’t come out? That is when you can turn to dry cleaning. Dry cleaners can get out many stains, even stubborn stains that can’t be removed at home using traditional stain cleaning methods. However, make sure you keep your expectations in check. Some stains simply won’t come out, especially if they are old or caused by a certain type of material.


Some standard washing machines can fit sheets, but it may be more beneficial to take them to a dry cleaner if they are large, delicate or you want to make sure they stay in the best condition possible. As a general rule of thumb, throwing sheets into a home washer and dryer is a lot rougher on the fabric and sewing finish then having it dry cleaned. If you want your sheets to last longer, take them to a dry cleaner!

Decorative Pillows

Did you know that you can actually wash the decorative pillows that you have around your home? You may not have ever considered washing them, but even decorative pillows can get dirty or have oil from people touching them over the years. A professional dry cleaner will be able to get your decorative pillows looking and feeling brand new.


Tapestries are another item of the home that most people don’t think about cleaning. But tapestries can absorb dust, smoke, and other types of debris from the air around them. You should never throw a tapestry into a standard washing machine or dryer, because this is likely going to ruin the material and even cause the tapestry to unravel. Always take your tapestry to a dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning this type of item.

Couch Covers

Couch covers are another item that people often forget to wash. But the benefit of putting couch covers on your couch is that they can be removed and cleaned from time to time. It’s important to clean couch covers, especially in high traffic areas, because they will absorb dead skin, dirt , oils and other debris periodically. If your couch cover is large or made with a delicate material, make sure that you take it to the dry cleaner rather than throwing it into the machines at home.

Final Thoughts

The dry cleaners are not just for standard clothing. You can take many different items to the dry cleaner, as long as they are made from a material which can be effectively clean using the dry cleaning method. If you aren’t sure whether or not your dry cleaner takes a certain type of item, give them a call to double check before you head down to the business location.