Am i allowed to use my own laundry bag?

Absolutely! You are allowed to provide laundry inside your own laundry bag. But! With a few exceptions:

  • Your bag need to have a shoulder stap, if it’s over 15 lbs weight. Those stairs are brutal for the backs of our drivers.
  • It must be fully sealed, drawstring is usually how it’s done.
  • Avoid using bulky carry own luggages, we will count the total weight of the whole thing when put on a scale and not just the laundry inside it.
  • Avoid using broken bags, your precious garment is more valuable than a laundry bag, we can always provide you with one, if needed.
  • You can sometimes use a kitchen trash bag in the absense of options, please use a clean one.
How should i prepare for my first order?

Check all of your pockets.
Remove any liquid or toxic items from the bag.
Prep your clothes ahead of time for our driver to be quick in and out and be on the way to the next customer.
There is a minimum charge of $xx, any orders below that will be charged minimum amount.

Do i get a text message when driver is on his way?

Yes, we notify our customers when driver is the way to pickup or to drop off and when delivery was completed. You will also be able to see a picture proof of delivery if it was done at the doorman or in the contactless delivery, if instructed.

What are the times and dates for pickup and delivery?

We have 1.5 hour and 2 hour windows for pickups and dropoffs. You get to schedule both right away, sameday or next day available. Our driver will arrive within the scheduled window. We work 6 days a week, from 6 am till 9 pm.

Can you still deliver my laundry if im not at home?

Doorman buildings usually have their orders delivered to a doorman or concierge, you don’t have to be there.

However, if you live in a walkup, someone has to be there to open a door for our driver. It can be your roommate. Or you could have a coded building entrance and you can give us the code and instruct us to leave it by your apartment door.

Can i ask you to pickup from my apartment, if I live in a doorman building?

If you live in a doorman building, we require laundry to be left with the doorman, so our driver can quickly sneak in and out. Due to security protocols and elevator traffic, we often get lost (some of those high rises are worse than a maze).

What is your service area?

If you live in New York City, we got you covered anywhere below 110th street in Manhattan and Downtown /Prospect Park Brooklyn.

Do you separate colors, lights, darks in Wash & Fold service?

We do! We will wash your colors in cold water to avoid colors bleeding and your whites in warm water. We avoid using hot water since even white items like towels and sheets also loose it’s whiteness because of ink bleeding overtime.

There are some heavy stains on my clothing, what’s the best way to remove it?

If those items are washable and are white, then select bleach option and include in the wash & fold order.
If items are colors / darks and stain is heavy, we suggest ordering dry cleaning option for the best result.

Do you have a same day laundry delivery service?

Yes. Last minut order pickups and same day delivery for Wash & Fold orders is our specialty. Please do keep in mind that Hang Dry items take 24 hours to dry up. So it may be returned wet, if requested.

Dry Cleaning orders take 48 - 72 hours, to make sure those hard stains get treated properly and items are pressed to perfection.

Am i allowed to provide my own detergent?

We have a wide selection of detergents to use from: scented or not scented. Ok, it’s not that wide.
While we recommend using our detergent, you can still provide yours. Please include a disposable bottle with enough for just one time, we will not be able to return the bottle/container back. Make sure it’s sealed properly.

Can i ask you to hang my items to dry?

Absolutely! We offer hang dry service as part of the Wash & Fold service. We will hang each item to dry and it’s $xx per item. Once items are dry, we will fold them into your bag. If we have to deliver before that happens, you will receive items on hangers.

Do you have the sameday dry cleaning service?

Not at this time. To achieve the best results, some stains treatment takes longer than 24 hours and we want to achieve the best looking stain removal and pressed to perfection garment every time.

Do you have Wash & Press service (launder shirts)?

Our Wash & Press service comes part of Dry Cleaning order. It will take 2 business days to complete and deliver back to you.

Dry Cleaning Proceess Basics

Once we receive dry cleaning, our first step would be to inspect each item for dry cleanability, then we itemize each and every item, including belts, scarfs, attachments. We record brand, color, size etc. Each item is unique, so it might require a different method or type of treatment.
For example clothes with fancy beads or unique delicate fabric or mixed color items could require additional attention.

Do you offer Genuine Leather Dry Cleaning?

No at this time. We are not able to dry clean real/genuine leather items.

I am missing an item or have some other concern.

We apologize for your less than stellar experience. Please give us a call at (888-820-5862) or email us at ( and describe your concern. We take every case seriously and will be there with you every step of the way to address and solve it.